MonsterMonitors was founded by Trung Nguyen. He worked a 9-5 job as a software developer and was never tired after work for trading and selling his used electronics to budget for new ones. He always had a thirst for knowledge and great interests in electronics and software.
Trung started selling Dual Setups and later Quad Setups on Facebook as a way to test the market and demand. Trung invested a substantial amount of time and effort into acquiring highest quality monitors at the lowest prices possible. Trung had a keen eye for quality, he wouldn't sell something that he would not be able to use himself and he didn't want you to pay an arm and leg for them like his corporation did either.
MonsterMonitors later grew to a family business. Here, we only source the best named brand monitors that are business grade quality. We see companies charging a small fortune for multiple monitor setups and you do not have to pay that amount of money. MonsterMonitors is proud to combine all the components at a low cost. When you order, all you have to do is plug everything in, which takes an average of 20-30mins. When you add in what you'll get for that price, its a no brainer deal.

Meet the CEO

Through working for corporate companies in Louisville, he found out how efficient it was to use two monitors. These companies always give him the monitors on a stand. Which free up a lot of work space (also room to rest your feed on the table). They always had a docking station, which made switching out old computers for new ones really simple. We didn't need to waste time looking for additional adapters at all when we upgrade monitors, laptops, or pcs.
It was then that I decided to build MonsterMonitors and become the lowest cost leader in the marketplace by providing a unique experience through the bundling of components at a low cost.