MacOSX User Guide to Dual Monitors - Monster Monitors

If you bought some monitors from us for Mac with USB Dock, you can connect that USB Dock to your Windows, and Chromebook laptop as well as your MacBook. Here's a how-to guide for you on Catalina operating systems.
Learn more about the USB Dock.
Here is the link to the display link drivers. Link
For Windows and Chromebook it might have came with the software. If it doesn't, you can view the page on top.
Here is the instructions for MacOS.

macOS Catalina 10.15: Screen Recording permission

macOS Catalina 10.15 requires the user to permit "Screen Recording" in order for DisplayLink devices to work properly. The message is generated by the OS and the screen is not actually being recorded by DisplayLink. Approving it enables the DisplayLink driver to access the pixels it needs to render a mirrored or extended screens, and send the pixels over USB from your computer to the DisplayLink display. It does not send any data or pixels back to DisplayLink.

To approve the permission, please follow these steps:

1. Download and install the latest DisplayLink Mac OS release for 10.15.
2. Reboot your system.
MacOSX User Guide to Dual Monitors  

3. Open System Preferences.
4. Go to Security & Privacy.
5. Go to Privacy and choose Screen Recording on the left side menu.
MacOSX User Guide to Dual Monitors  
6. Click on the Lock to make changes.  
7. Authenticate the changes by using your login details.
8. Check the box next to DisplayLinkUserAgent.
9. Click on the Lock again to save changes.
MacOSX User Guide to Dual Monitors  
    10. Click “Quit now”.
    11. A reboot may be necessary with an older version of our driver.

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